3 Shatta Wale songs Featured In A Spanish Movie

3 Shatta Wale songs Featured In A Spanish Movie

Self-acclaimed “dancehall king” Shatta Wale has gained international recognition as 3 of his songs are featured in a Spanish movie.

The title of the movie ensues to be “BLACK BEACH” and you can imagine how an artist would feel if his songs are able to roam around the globe.

This got to the net through one of the social media platforms which happens to be Instagram, fans of the Shatta Movement are congratulating him on how far his career has gotten.

“My Level”  really hit sky level after being released and was accepted by many people in the country which makes it quite normal for it being one of the songs which were featured in the movie as it is well deserved.

This comes as a motivation to Shatta Wale to make more good songs to attain recognition from other countries.

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