Amerado Burner Proves He Has Joined The Freemasons

Amerado Burner Proves He Has Joined The Freemasons

Derrick Sarfo kantanka who is better known as Amerado (Amerado Burner) has caused the uproar of speculations on the internet after he dropped a photo of himself vigorous showing off his Freemasonry ring.

In the photo, he posted on Instagram there was no caption attached to it but it seems the language that he was trying to speak was being well understood by all.

It has of late become a tendency for people to join the Freemasons and feel confident about it to the extent of showing off to admit without words that they have joined.

The photo he posted got the attention of many and the comments that followed would amaze you because people were actually urging him to help them get initiated too.

This caption-less post has certainly said a lot more than anyone could think of.

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