Beverly Afaglo queries Colleague Industry Players Disowning John Dumelo

Beverly Afaglo queries Colleague Industry Players Over Disowning John Dumelo

Actress and Entrepreneur Beverly Afaglo in a post has queried some colleague industry players , after they thrown their full support and vigorously campaigning for Lydia Seyram Alhassan of the NPP at Ayawaso.

According to Beverly, she is disappointed on how some of her colleagues have shun John Dumelo and his hard work only for politics .

Prince David Osei,Bibi Bright, Kalybos,Jessica Williams, Bismark the Joker and others were all dressed in the NPP t- shirt supporting Lydia Alhassan

She further raised concerns on how they can actually disregard their own profession in place of politics.

She wrote, “How will I be able to slur, taint or dishonor a colleague’s name and hard work? How will I forget friendship and family for money and fame. How will I be able to disregard my profession and allow politics to make a ridicule of my profession? ego hard. Thank God am not in that corner but we should all remember that after 7th Dec life still goes on. #It is well”

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