Dada KD Criticizes Prophecies Of Some Prophets

Dada KD Criticizes Prophecies Of Some Prophets

Dada KD has made it known that all the senses of the body work together so anything that happens should be given a second thought before you act upon.

Coating from Ezekiel 13: 1 he stated that some false prophets give false prophecies and the Bible refers to them as “nkwasiafo”.

He made this known during an interview on Kingdom plus 101.9, an Accra based FM station hosted by FiFii Prath

This follows a question being asked if he went to church on the 31st night and he asserted that many false prophecies came out but all were lies.

Adding that all prophecies that came out during the election period we either for or against NPP and NDC vice versa. No prophet could predict that there would be a court issue during last year’s election.

During the period of covid-19  and no prophecy came out that convid-19 would be coming to Ghana.

Rev. Owusu Bempa made a statement that “if nobody even went to vote in the election, His Excellency Nana Addi would have won the election”.

The statement that he made was out of the contest, and that if he thinks angels can vote then taxpayers money would be saved and used for the free senior high school policy, Dada KD noted.

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