Daniel Duncan-Williams arrested in US

Daniel Duncan-Williams arrested in US

Archbishop Duncan Williams called on the US police to take his up son for mental evaluation.

Arch Bishop Duncan-Williams’ son Daniel Duncan Williams is in the police custody as his family called the US police officers on him while streaming live on Instagram.
Just few days ago Dee Wills has been streaming live Twitter and instagram and dropping shocking information about himself and his family in the process. He made it clear that He is not a gay but his father is a demon.

To break the trending of his claims, his brother Joe Duncan Williams reached out in his live stream to give him advice to get off social media but Dee Wills turned deaf ears on that.

A statement by the spokesperson for the family, Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, stated that Daniel has been battling with the acute bipolar disease for the past six years.

The statement explained that his failure to continue his prescribed medication causes him to relapse hence some of his public outbursts which have become topical within the social media space.

His father, Duncan Williams the founder and general overseer of Action Chapel international Worldwide later released a statement on his Son’s condition.

An Update which was streamed live on his instagram account cited that US police arrested Daniel Duncan Williams on the request of his family and explained they were taking him to the hospital for mental evaluation.

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