Efia Odo Proclaims No Man Can Afford Her

Efia Odo Proclaims No Man Can Afford Her

Social media Celebrity and Actress,Efia Odo after bragging about her $40,000 wristwatch has proclaimed she is a lady no man can afford.

The controversial Model said this in a post on her Instagram page.

According to her, she has spoiled herself and claims no man can afford her price.

Efia for some time now, has exhibited and created an impression that she does not need any man’s help to survive that she can fully meet all her expenses.


Efia comes from Juabeng in the Ashanti region of Ghana.Andrea Owusu also known as Efia Odo was a U.S based assistant nurse who relocated to Ghana.

She was born on the 18th of July 1993 and hails from Juaben in the Ashanti region of Ghana and is currently pursuing her passion in acting.

She has played a number of roles in Ghanaian movies such as ‘heels and sneakers’.She is also a radio host on Okay fm and T.V presenter on Kwese T.V.

Andrea Owusu loves to be addressed as Efia Odo because she is a friday born and loves people. Her father is unknown but her mother plays a very active role in her life and it is believed she was conceived out of wedlock.

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