Kelvynboy attacked by Stonebwoy’s former Bodyguard

Kelvynboy attacked by Stonebwoy's former Bodyguard

Earlier today, Kelvynboy made a tweet regarding incident that happened and he is accusing his former record label boss, Stonebwoy of sending some people to beat him up.

Kelvynboy stated on his Twitter page earlier today with regards to the video circulating on social media. He wrote “ you send some people make dem come beat me “
“You think say Ashiaman be your own”

The video of the scene captured Kelvynboy and one of stonebwoy bodyguard in a shop.

From the clearer scenes from the video in circulation, a muscled guy moved towards the direction of Kelvynboy with a clear intention to harm him. Fortunately for Kelvynboy, some bodyguards present at the scene were quick to block the attacker from causing any harm to him.

The reason behind such a act is yet to be revealed.

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