“Let Me Fvck Your A$$ Before I Help You” Opanka Shares His Experience

"Let Me Fvck Your A$$ Before I Help You" Opanka Shares His Experience

There are many ways people turn to help others, some come with conditions and some also dies not come with any condition.

With respect to this, Opanka has disclosed the fact that someone that he chooses to keep his identity hidden had offered to help him out in his field of career.

But he demanded that they should have sexual intercourse (gay), he refused and made it clear that he was interested in women, not men so would he still help him out after he has rejected?

Opanka stated that the guy began to convince him. The shocking part to him was that he thought only ladies went through such things.

Adding that the guy disclosed some stars who had agreed to his condition and are enjoying their benefits from it.

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