Mzbel pens a peaceful message to Afia Schwarzenegger

Mzbel pens a peaceful message to Afia Schwarzenegger

Singer and Entrepreneur,Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah,widely known as Mzbel has pen down a peaceful message directly at her Bestie Afia Schwarzenegger asking for to quit the frascas between them.

It actually terrible how the two former Bestie have been on each other’s throat,revealing secrets whenever their both given the platform.

According to Mzbel in an interview on United Showbiz said she is of the heart to end the feud between them and move on with her life.

The ‘Abi sixteen’ hitmaker wrote a peaceful message on her Facebook page calling an end to their misunderstanding.

She wrote, ” I am not playing victim whatsoever,I just want the exchange of filthy words between us,two grown women with children on social media every now and then to stop!

At this point it no longer matters to me who started it,it just has to stop!!

If”Nae-we” finds me guilty in anyway,I will accept and do whatever they ask to bring peace once and for all.

I do take minded criticism in good stride but insults,name calling and false accusations do hurt even the greatest souls. This has to come to an end.

Also I will like to apologize to Prophet Badu Kobi and Mr Kofi Amoaboag for having their names dragged in all this mess because of me🙏🧡”.

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