Rapperholic Concert Tickets Selling For Whooping Prices, Fans React

Rapperholic Concert Tickets Selling For Whooping Prices, Fans React

King Sark’s Rapperholic concert is on and it’s going to be very lit as usual. This year’s edition is going to massive and fans have great expectations.

The tickets for the concert is out and you should see the reactions of Ghanaians. They claim the prices are extremely expensive and the range is too large.

The tickets are selling for a whopping ¢10000, ¢6000 and ¢500. What they are saying it’s too much and they can not afford such prices.

Others are also insinuating that does Sark need the money that badly that he would raise the price of the tickets to the concert that high.

Some people also think the prices are cool and affordable. The problem is now with the masses, and they claim they will spend their monies on making properties.

The award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has confirmed that this year’s edition of his annual Rapperholic Concert will come off on December 25.

According to him, he wanted to cancel this year’s edition of the Rapperholic concert due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the early part of this but his crew have urged him to move on with plans of having the concert.

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