Stonebwoy is authentic, Shatta wale is just a musician – Epixode

Stonebwoy is authentic, Shatta wale is just a musician - Epixode

Ghanaian Afrodancehall and reggae artiste Epixode has been the centre of discussion amongst music lovers for his comments on the origin of Afrodancehall and the artistes involved.

Epixode said in an interview with Abeiku Santana on OKayfm that “Afrodancehall is basically “african dancehall” which is the fusion of african music(afrobeats, highlife) with Jamaica’s Dancehall to make it accepted in our local space. He continued to say, “The world sees us as a ‘replica’ because we are doing what the Jamaicans are doing,and adding our own style to it to make it authentic.

And also he made it clear that No one can dispute the fact that Stonebwoy is the originator of Afrodancehall, and siting an example that his song “Pull up” which is an Afrodancehall sound was a popular song in the african circle.
He continued to state the fact that “We are no different from the Jamaicans , it’s just that we need some kind of identity to distinguish ourselves from them”.

Abeiku Santana then asked him which Genre Samini falls under. Epixode said, “Samini is an all round artiste and can go hard on any genre, his first album had authentic reggae/dancehall tunes but Africa did not have that idea at that time to understand him”

He continued to say “Even our fellow African artistes who were into reggae dancehall are now doing Afro dancehall. Citing Nigerian Dancehall artiste ‘Ketchup’ as an example he added that “Ketchup anywhere he goes around in the world now, he calls himself an Afrodancehall artiste, he even has a song titled ‘Afro Dancehall’.he acknowledges the fact that the Afro dancehall came from this side(Ghana)”.
Epixode was asked what category he will classify Shatta Wale , His reponse was “ Shatta Wale is just a musician” and this has caused his fans to be very angry.

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