Wendy Shay Copies Ebony’s Hairstyle In Recent Photos

Wendy Shay Copies Ebony's Hairstyle In Recent Photos

Wendy Shay storms the net with hot photos of her new looks. The photos have caught the eyes of many and also many eyebrows are being raised by the looks of the photos.

The Ruff Town Records signee has come out with new looks which looks exactly like an imitation of the late Ebony.

This has caused people to ask if Wendy Shay doesn’t like her personality anymore and now wants to be like Ebony so that people would like her more.

The trend that Wendy Shay has taken has gotten a lot of people to point fingers at her because before she had this new makeover person already insinuated that she had come to take the position of Ebony and has also copied her line of songs.

That wasn’t enough to make her change but now she has crowned it all with dreadlocks that look exactly as Ebony’s hairstyle.

Is this her way of getting back at people for saying she wants to replace Ebony or she just wants to actually be like the late Ebony?

 She has not come out with anything concerning what people think of her new looks but she might know that people are criticising her for not being herself but trying to be someone else.

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