“Work hard and stop ‘fooling'” – Wendy Shay to Artistes

"Work hard and stop 'fooling'" - Wendy Shay to Artistes

Wendy Addo,popularly known by the stage name wendy Shay jabs her colleague Artiste who is persuading and willing to pay her to beef for attention to work hard instead of looking for shortcuts.

According to her in a tweet,she is even wowed of how people have forsaken the word hard work and are rather trying to branch shortcuts to success in the music industry.

She claims an Artist is tossing her around wanting to beef for attention.

She said,she will not mind and encourage such people for there is no shortcut to success.

“So this Artiste has been shading me left and right

I mind them,now they want to pay me to beef with them for attention

Wow what has happened to hardwork??
Listen very carefully,there’s no shortcut to success in this music industry…so work hard and stop fooling!” She said.

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