Youtube Blocks and deletes Mr. Drew’s “Eat”.

Youtube Blocks and deletes Mr. Drew's "Eat".

Highly Spiritual signee Mr. Drew has been hit hard as his official video for his song ‘Eat’ which features Stonebwoy has been pulled down by YouTube for copyright reasons.
The video had accumulated over 151,000 views within its short time of existence and was doing marvelously well till it was pulled down by YouTube.

According to YouTube the video contained content from ‘EMPIRE’ and as such has been blocked by YouTube for copyright reasons.

A video sighted online (Rotimi – Love riddim) also shows  and proves this to be true as the two songs compared sounds exactly the same, hence calling YouTube to take such action.

Listening to both songs we realized Mr. Drew didn’t change much in the song and sound and that violates copyright rules.


Below is a screenshot from youtube;

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